Toys you can use on yourself while on a cam site

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Cam SiteWhen you’re using a cam site it’s pretty much a given that you’ll be jerking off while watching a sexy woman touches herself for you. It’s a lot of fun but it can get boring after a while if you don’t try to change things every now and then. When the excitement of using your favourite cam site starts to wear off it’s easy to make it fun again. All you need to do is consider using a couple of adult sex toys during your session.

There are lots of different adult sex toys that are available to you and most of them you can use on yourself so you don’t need to worry about having a partner with you. One of the most common adult sex toys is the vibrator because both genders can use it plus the vibrating sensation adds a certain pleasure that you can’t do with just your hands. A lot of men find it pleasurable to use the vibrator on their perineum while others like to use it by sliding it slowly over their genitals. Try different techniques until you find one that you enjoy or when you’re on a cam site ask her how she wants you to use it. Letting her control what you do with it could be a fun game to play.

Adult Sex ToysWhen you’re having fun the last thing you want is for it to end early so think about using a cock ring. It will help make you last longer which means you’ll get to spend more time with a sexy woman. It literally takes only a few seconds to slip on and it also makes you harder since it restricts the blood flow. A longer sex session with a big, hard dick is something that every man wants when he’s with a sexy, horny girl. Nipple clamps are something that can add a bit of pain to your pleasure. They don’t hurt too much but the sharp feeling on your nipples will be a constant reminder you’re wearing them ad the pain can be arousing. You can get individual nipple clamps or you can get the kind that are joined by a chain. The ones with a chain are a bit more fun because you can use it by gently tugging on the chain which makes the clamps bite into you more as you pull on it. This helps you decide on how much pain to give yourself so leave them on and use your hands elsewhere or give yourself a sudden bout of pain to kick things up a notch.

Anal is something that guys either love or hate but there’s no denying that using a butt plugs adds a naughty feeling to sex due to the social idea that real men don’t like having things in their ass. Women know how men feel about anal and quite of few of them think it’s hot when a guy is willing to do something that’s considered taboo in front of them. If you’re one of those who either enjoys anal or is interested in trying it the use a butt plug on yourself. Before inserting it loosen yourself up by fingering yourself while the cam girl tells you how fast to go and how many fingers to use then let her tell you how slowly to push it in. This is something you can do yourself while also letting her join in.

Adult sex toys can add fun to your sex life whether you’re having sex with a partner or if you’re cybering on a cam site. Vibrators, cock rings, nipple clamps and butt plus are just a few of the more common toys you can use on yourself to make your night even better.

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