Why you should tip your cam models

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Tip for your cam models There’s a saying that you get what you pay for and it’s true for most things. Some men don’t pay for sex and they usually end up unsatisfied and wondering why they can’t get a woman who’ll be the sex doll of their dreams. Then there are men who know that if you pay for sex then you can have a great experience that’s worth every penny. With cam sites there are already costs for having a private show so you might not think of tipping your cam model but it’s something you should seriously consider doing.

You want cam models to be happy when she’s giving you a show and one of the ways to do that is to tip her. She probably loves the naughtiness of doing private shows for men but it’s also a job where she gets attention from a lot of men who are rude or mean. Before you get a private show with webcam girls you can see them in action in a public room and she’ll be doing her best to get men interested in her. If you want to get her attention you could give her a small tip and make her focus on you which will help you if you do choose to get a private show.

During your private show with her she’ll be trying to give you a great show because she knows you’re a tipper and she’ll be hoping for more. She’ll be more enthusiastic with you than she is with other men and she’ll take her time to turn you on, letting the anticipation build until you feel like you’re about to lose your mind. She’ll want to know if you like what she’s doing and won’t be offended if you suggest things for her to do.

If you tip webcam models they’re less likely to play silly games with you to try and make the show last longer than you want it to. They want the show to last because it means more money from them but they won’t do things like taking their time getting undressed to try and get you to tip more or wasting time by talking. They know that these tactics work but that men get bored and leave if a girl isn’t performing in a way that he wants. By tipping you’re showing her that you want her attention and that you don’t mind paying for it so she can get right to the good stuff because she’ll be paid well for it.

If you plan on using her again then you want her to remember you because she’ll be more likely to give you a good show and give in to special requests. She knows you’re a good client and she’ll want to keep you coming back for more so the better you are to her the better she’ll be to you. Once you’ve got her wrapped around your finger see just how many of your dirty fantasies you can make her bring to life. As long as you’re mindful of respecting any hard limits she has you may be able to talk her into doing something that you’ve only dreamed about.

It’s a good idea to tip cam girls if she actually took the time to give you a great show or if you’re already planning on getting another private show later on. You don’t have to tip a lot but it will help her remember you and give her a reason to keep on making you happy.

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