Things you should do before starting a show with a cam girl

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Having a private show by a sexy cam girl is lots of fun but there might be a bit of a slow start to the experience if you’re not ready before starting the show. It can be as simple as logging on, picking a girl masturbating and having fun with her but it’s better if you take a couple of minutes to do a few things.

There are a million different fantasies out there and a cam girl will usually start by doing a generic sex show if she doesn’t know what you want. Before starting a show figure out how you want it to go. If you just want her to touch herself then say so but for specific fantasies she’s going to need an idea of what you want so she can make your fantasy come true. You don’t have to tell her the whole fantasy at once, just give her something to start with. If you want her to be a naughty schoolgirl then ask her to act like one then give gentle suggestions as the show goes on so she can become what you want. If your fantasy involves a specific kink then take the time to actually read her profile to see if it’s something she offers.

The last thing you want to do is find a sexy woman and halfway through a show she says that she’s not comfortable with your kink or does a half-hearted attempt at making you happy. It’s better to go through profile and use a cam girl who specializes in your kink because she’ll know all the right things to do. Watching girls with sex toys adds a level of naughtiness to sex and most cam girls will have at least one to play with. Find out what she has available and ask her to use them during the show. It’s not just women who own sex toys, quite a few men own them too. If you’re one of them then take out your toys and have them beside you so you can easily get them during the show. If it’s a role-play scenario then make sure she’s dressed for it or you are depending on the scenario. Also have lube and whatever else you want to use handy so you don’t have to interrupt the show while you go and grab them. You don’t want other interruptions either so make sure no one else is home and switch off your phone.

You want the time you spend on the cam site to be just you and her because it’ll make the show go smoothly plus you won’t be wasting your money because most shows are paid by the minute. Those can add up if you suddenly decide you want to use a butt plug and you need to get it from your bedside table. By having everything ready before starting a show you can maximize the time with her and fully engage yourself without distractions.

Before you start a show with a cam girl it’s a good idea to figure out what you want, find out if she offers the type of experience you’re looking for and know which sex toys or outfits that will be used by either of you. It will only take a few minutes to do these things but the show will be more realistic and personal if you’re prepared and not interrupted by anything.

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