Things you should never ask a cam girl to do

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Asking for kinky sex It’s easy to get carried away when you’re caught up in the moment and having fun with a cam girl but you need to be careful not to cross certain lines. It’s one thing to play around with kinky sex but there are some things you should never ask her to do if you want to keep things nice and easy going.

The most obvious thing you should never ask a cam girl to do is anything illegal. Laws still apply even though you’re interacting with her online and you don’t want to get banned from the cam site or end up in legal trouble. This could be doing something like incorporating drug play into your session or experimenting with bestiality. Instead put your focus on making your private show hot and fun for both of you in a harmless way. Use sex toys or do a role-play so there’s still some excitement. You could also try and see how many multiple orgasms you can give her in a specific amount of time which would be a nice change of pace for her since most clients only want to satisfy themselves.

Wild sex is a great way to bring excitement into camming but try to avoid anything that’s physically dangerous or capable of leaving permanent marks. You’re not her only client and she will want to keep herself looking nice for them. Pain can bring a lot of pleasure but don’t ask her to whip herself to the point of bringing up welts or spanking herself until she bruises. Also avoid playing with dangerous items like candles and knives and stick to naughty but safe things. Sex toys like vibrators, nipple clamps and butt plugs are fun to play with but won’t leave any marks.

Even though you’re playing online you still need to respect the cam girl’s limits and don’t pressure her into doing anything she’s uncomfortable with. Cam girls like to keep their work life and their personal life separate so don’t ask her any personal questions. Sticking to talking about the things she has posted on her profile and keep it general when you’re asking her what she likes to do in bed. Don’t try to get all the dirty details of what she does with her boyfriend and instead ask how she likes to touch herself or what she wants you to do to her.

You should never try and take sessions off the cam site you’re using because this could expose your or her identity. Offering her tips to go on Skype later with you or to give you her email address might sound like a great way of getting more time with her but she won’t like it unless she has contact information posted on her profile. She’s there to give you a private show and that’s it so don’t try to get closer to her. You’ll just make her feel uncomfortable and if she’s a bit shady she might take you up on your offer and get your personal information so she can use it to blackmail you.

Most things are acceptable but there are a few things that you should keep off limits. Avoid doing anything illegal or that would make her uncomfortable because cam shows should be all about having fun. Don’t ask her to do anything that will make her look less presentable for her other clients and never get too personal with her. Keep things light and easy going and once the show ends so does your interaction with her.

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