Things you can do with a cam model but not your wife

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kinky sex ideas
There are some things that you just can’t do with your wife because you’re embarrassed or you’re afraid of how she’ll react. Instead of keeping these desires to yourself there is one person you can share them with: a cam girl.

With a cam model you can feel free to explore kinky sex ideas without being afraid of being judged or ruining the relationship because she’s there to give you what you want. There are cam girls who cater to different kinks so you can find one that can give you what you want. If you want to be dominant and have a little sex doll then you’ll be able to find the perfect one or you could find a strong, sexy woman who knows just how to put you in your place. These women won’t think you’re weird and they won’t tell you “No” like your wife might. If you desire a woman that dresses different from your wife then you can easily find a cam girl for that. Your wife probably isn’t the type who will wear a thong and nipple clamps or a school girl outfit for you but those requests are totally acceptable for a cam girl. As well as kinky sex ideas you can also try different role plays.
You might not be comfortable asking your wife to be a college girl who needs to make her teacher happy but with a cam girl you can find a woman who can be that for you. The best part is that there are lots of young women on there so you can find one that’s the right age for it which your wife won’t be which will make the role play more realistic. Exploring different sex toys is also something you can do with a cam girl if you own some and can keep them in a place where your wife won’t find them like in the garage with your tools. Toys like butt plugs, dildos, nipple clamps, cock rings, floggers and so on can easily be kept at the back of a closet or a shelf and you can bring them out when you’re playing online. Use them on yourself while the cam girl tells you what to do. They like pushing boundaries and will take you further with them than your wife would because she might not have the experience with them that a cam girl would. Talking dirty is something that your wife might not be into, especially if you’re into the rougher type of stuff. When you’re playing with a cam girl you don’t have to worry about her getting upset when you call her a “bitch” or a “slut”.
You can get as nasty as you want with her and she’ll give you the reaction that’s right. Do you want her feeling turned on by the names? She will be. Do you want her ashamed and feeling that she’s inferior to you? Then she could be that instead. It’s all up to you. If you’ve ever been interested in playing with a couple then you could find a couple that cams together to do a private show for you. A lot of sites offer same-sex or straight couples who are into giving shows to single men so you could find the couple that you’re interested in. A night of sexy fun with two college girls isn’t something your wife would ever allow but you can have it if you just wait until she’s out with her girlfriends one night.

If you want to explore kinky sex ideas or experience the thrill of having sex with a hot woman then consider treating yourself to a private show with a cam girl. Your wife will never find out and you’ll be able to do things you had only dreamed about doing.

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