Small ways to make sex with your hookup dirtier

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Free Cam GirlsSo many guys play with free cam girls because they’re horny and want to get off. They want it so bad that things happen quickly and end up being a slightly more exciting jerk off session. There are lots of small ways that you can make sex with your hookup dirtier though if you’re willing to spend a bit of time being creative.

Some people find it awkward when they try to talk dirty but it can be lots of fun for those who are good at it. You can say pretty much anything you want to a cam girl because they’re there to make you happy so think about what you’d like to say then maybe practice it before you go online. This will help you get comfortable talking dirty and will make it sound more natural when you do it.

You could also try a role reversal where one of you is in control of everything. You could be her Master and make her be your sex toy for the night by telling her what to do. Reinforce your position of power by making her call you “Sir.” You could also try and be her submissive and refer to her as “Mistress”. Let her decide what you’re allowed to do and whether or not you’ll cum at the end of the night.

Sex is usually associated with pleasure but you could try adding pain to make things seem kinkier. You don’t need toys to do this and could use either your hands or items you have lying around. You could pinch your nipples, smack yourself or use a hairbrush as a paddle. Keys are great to use because you can decide how much pressure to use when scratching yourself with them or when you’re digging them into you. Experiment with what you have and find new ways to use them.

Most people think of dirty sex when they think of men playing with free cam models but for a change of pace you could try doing something sensual instead of sexual. Start things off with her fully clothed and have her give you a striptease, exposing herself to you piece by piece until she’s only wearing her bra and panties. Have her keep these on for a bit while she touches herself by fondling her breasts or fingering herself through her panties. When you’re both ready to cum have her strip down and finish herself off.

Edging is a great way to make your hookup dirtier because it makes sex last longer. This gives you and your cam girl more time to try different things and you could tie this in with doing a role reversal. Let your cam girl decide when and how you can cum while you decide the same thing for her. You could also see how long each of you can edge for and the loser, the one who cums first, must do the punishment that the winner gives them.

Try doing something you wouldn’t normally do and talk dirty or do a role reversal. You could come up with a mental list of different things you’d like to try and do a new one every couple of days so you can explore ways of making your nights more fun and dirtier.

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