Sexy foods to bring into the bedroom

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Sexy foods for kinky girls There are lots of different things you can bring into the bedroom to spice things up. Some kinky girls like toys or adding another partner to play with while others enjoy using role-plays or food to change things up. Usually people think food can only be used when you’re with your partner but some foods can also be used while you’re playing on a cam site. All you need to do is decide if you want to play with sensual or naughty food.

Sensual foods are ones that are playful and sweet. Whipped cream is a classic sexy food and is the first one that people think of. Have her spray whipped cream on her breasts and tell her to touch her pussy while her body heat melts the cream. It will slowly slide down her, exposing her breasts to you as the two of you get more turned on. She could then scoop it up with her finger and suck it clean. If the girl you’re playing with has something sweet like chocolate sauce or honey available you could have her drizzle some over her breasts. Tell her to lick it off herself and watch as she cups her breast in her hand and flicks her tongue over it, lapping at herself until she licks it all up. Ice cubes aren’t technically a food but everyone has them in the freezer so it’s a quick thing to grab when you’re in the mood. You could use them on yourself or have her use them on herself to bring a different sensation to sex. You could make a game of it by seeing how fast she can make the ice cube melt by squeezing it between her breasts or watch her shiver as she slides it over her pussy lips.

Naughty foods are ones that you can be more sexual with and act more dirty with. Bananas are a very naughty fruit that can be played with in a teasing way instead of a sexual way because of it’s obvious resemblance to a dick. You could make her show you how good she is at sucking dick by licking it then sliding as much of it into her mouth as she can. Popsicles can be used in a similar way to bananas but they have the added advantage of being frozen. As well as having her lick and suck the popsicle you can have her hold it against her nipples for a minute. This will make them cold and harden into little bumps which will numb them while also making them more sensitive. Once her nipples are cold tell her to suck on the popsicle while pinching her nipple with her finger. As she begins to warm up the pinching sensation will become more painful which could add a hint of bdsm to your session, especially if you have her scratch herself with a fingernail or give herself a sharp smack on the affected area.

Kinky girls love trying new things so if you playing with one either in the bedroom or on a cam site then think about using sexy food during sex. There’s different foods you can try and all sorts of things you can do with them. The best part is that they’re so easy to use that it doesn’t matter if you’re playing with someone in person or in a show room on a cam site. Take a look at what you have lying around in the kitchen and let your imagination run wild as you think about how you can use it.

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