Where to have sex if you like being watched

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Being WatchedThere are a few places you can go if you like to watch sex being done in front of you by a hot couple and these places also allow you to be watched if you enjoy that sort of thing. Voyeurism is a very popular fetish and it can be done safely in places like sex clubs and by using sex sites.

Sex clubs are great for people who are adventurous when it comes to sex and most of them will have at least one room for voyeurs. You could go by yourself and hook up with someone there or you could go with your partner. Once you know who your sex partner is find an empty room and focus on each other, the people who are interested in will come in and watch when they want to. They will usually only watch however you could ask someone to join you and your partner if you were interested in a threesome or group sex.

If you’re the type that likes the idea of being caught by a stranger than you could try finding a parking lot and having sex there. this is more risky because you could end up getting in trouble with the law but you can make it work if you pick the right spot and the right time of day. Some places are known for being hot spots for sexual activity so ask around online and see if there’s one near you. It’s best to go there when it’s later in the evening so you’re more likely to only be seen by people who are there on purpose rather than people who just happening to be passing by.

If you prefer a certain amount of privacy when doing something like this than staying home could work for you too. If you’re using this option then you could either have cyber-sex with someone you meet on one of your favorite adult dating site or you could play with a cam girl. If you choose the cybering route then it’s as simple as going on a sex site and seeing who’s currently online. Message a couple of people that interest you and see if any of them would be into having cyber-sex with you or watching you have sex with your partner. If you’re playing with your partner then it’s best if you choose the cyber partner together so it can be someone you both like. If you’re using a cam girl then tell her that you want her to watch you so she doesn’t distract you by getting too involved with giving you a show. It might be a fun idea to have her give you instructions or encouragement while you and your partner have sex with each other. Having her be vocal during sex will increase your awareness of her and increase the arousal you get from being watched.

If you like being watched during sex then there are places for you to go. Think about your risk levels and what you would feel comfortable doing. If you’re the daring type you could go to a sex club where you can meet other like-minded people or take a chance and have sex in a parking lot. If you’re the type to play it safe then meet someone on a dating site and do a bit of cyber-sex or go to a cam site and have a cam girl watch you.

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