Why you should remember women can have multiple orgasms

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Women having orgasms via Free Cams A lot of men seem to forget the fact that not only can women orgasm once during sex like they can but they can also have multiple orgasms. This can make sex better and more exciting for both of you and it’ll be something neither of you will be able to get enough of. Giving a woman multiple orgasms can be done in person during a hot sex session or it can be done online by using free cams because she’ll still be able to touch herself so it’s something that can be done easily with just a bit of time.

The most important reason that a man should remember that women can have multiple orgasms is that sex is so much better for her when she can get off again and again. A lot of men are selfish and only care about getting themselves off which means women lose interest in sex because they feel it’s not worth their time or effort. They’ll do the bare minimum to make you happy and she’ll be left feeling frustrated. If you make sex feels good for her too then she’ll want more of it. Make her touch herself and rub her clit until she’s on the edge and desperate for more. Keep her there for a bit then push her over the edge, making her cum hard. When it passes give her a couple of minutes of foreplay so the sensitivity to go down then start all over again. By the end of the session she’s going to feel amazing and will be on a high.

Not only does it make sex physically feel better for her but it also makes her feel emotionally closer to you. She’ll feel like you really care about her needs which will make her enjoy performing for you. Encourage her as she’s touching herself by telling her how hot she looks and how turned on she’s making you. This will make her feel like you’re really attracted to her and that she’s the only one you want which will make her do whatever she can to please you. She’ll want to make you feel as good as you’re making her feel.

Sex can also last longer if you focus on her and try to make her orgasm multiple times. Ask her what sex toys she has to play with and make a list of kinks you’re interested then turn your cam session into a night of naughty fun. Make it a game to see how many different ways she can orgasm by using the toys and acting out your list of kinks. The game only ends when her clit is so sensitive that she can’t take anymore. Another game you could play is to edge yourself while seeing how many orgasms she can have until you lose control. Giving her multiple orgasms while still making sure you’re having fun too is one way to make sure sex lasts longer than it usually does.

If you remember that women can have multiple orgasms and you do your best to give her as many as she wants then you’re increasing your chances of her wanting to see you again.

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