Do you really need a perfect body to make money on cam sites?

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Don´t need a perfect body to make money online Most women at some point in their lives will want to find a job where they can be the boss and work when they want to. They’ll realize jobs like that are impossible to get and wonder if they can make money online which will eventually lead them to cam sites. Some won’t consider doing sex work but others will be interested and the only thing stopping them is the fear that they don’t have a sexy body that men will pay for. You don’t need a perfect body to be successful on a cam site and few women on them do. What they all have though is the knowledge of making the most money they can from what they have.

Men who use cam sites are after a sexy fun experience that they can’t get anywhere else and they’ll overlook your body if you can give them everything else that they want. A lot of men are single or have partners who don’t give them what they need so you have to fill that desire. Attitude is important and will determine if a client becomes a regular so make sure you are always ready for him. Be excited to play with them and let them know just how horny they make you. Tell them they’re not like your other clients and that you can’t get enough of them. If you make them feel special and wanted then you’ll have them hooked.

Kinks and fantasies are universal and everyone has them so think about the ones you enjoy and put them up on your profile. Don’t cater to everything and make yourself seem exclusive, like a rare treat that they’re lucky to have. It’s natural to want what you can’t have so make it clear you don’t have time for losers and that you’ll choose who to play with. Bring their dirtiest fantasies to life and show them that they can have whatever they want with you.

It is possible to improve your looks and get that sexy body which will have men dying to have private shows with you. Use makeup to make you look like the persona you’re selling; soft makeup for sweet innocent and dark makeup for kinky. Wear a corset to make your waist smaller and your breasts bigger and consider wearing thigh highs because all women look sexy in those. If you’re self-conscious about your weight then consider dieting and exercising to slowly improve the way you look.

Everyone has at least one great physical feature so figure out what yours is and focus on that to take attention away from the areas you’re self-conscious about. If you like your feet then get a pedicure and cater to foot fetishists or if you have big breasts spend lots of time touching them and moaning about how good it feels and that you wished it was them touching you. If you have sexy voice then spend time talking to them while touching yourself, let them focus on your words like a phone sex girl would do. Men will focus on what you’re showing them so think about your best feature and show it off.

Any woman can get men interested in her if she makes an effort to please them. Be enthusiastic and treat them like they’re the only man you want while also taking the time to make yourself look sexy by using makeup and outfits. Once you get used to camming you’ll get a better idea of what men want and you can change your style up to meet their needs.

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