5 Phrases that will turn a cam girl on

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Cam Chat When you’re having a cam chat with a sexy girl you want to say the right thing to make her hot and horny for you. What you say should be geared towards her instead of being something that a man would think of as being sexy. There are a couple of phrases that will work with any woman and you can try them the next time you’re on a webcam chat.

1) Show me how you like to be touched.

This is a great phrase for two reasons: it shows that you’re interested in what she likes and it’s a non-aggressive way to make things even sexier. She’ll want to show you all the little touches that make her pussy wet while you watch and it will get her thinking about how good it would feel if you were the one touching her. Encourage her to keep going until she’s as desperate as you are and you might even want to make her beg to cum.

2) I want to be yours.

Giving up control during sex is something that both of you can enjoy and she’ll love it if you let her take charge for a change. So many men use cam girls to try and make her act or do things that interest them but if you’re fantasy is of being her little sex toy for the night then she’s going to get turned on at the thought of all the dirty things she can get you to do. Make it clear that you’re serious and that you’ll do whatever her nasty mind can come up with; the power rush will make her so turned on that she won’t be able to get enough of you.

3) You make me so turned on.

Make sure to say turned on. and not hard because it sounds sexier and less masculine which will appeal to a woman. Cam girls want to make you happy and this starts as soon as the private show does because she knows that’s what she’s there for. Telling her this will make her feel good about herself because she’s having an effect on you and that’s going to make her feel sexy.

4) Do you know how sexy you are?

You might think cam girls hear this a lot but most men are so eager to get on with things that they either skip compliments all together or they say it in a cruder way. The fact that you’re saying something different than the other men will grab her attention and make her excited. Flattery works with everyone woman and the boost in confidence will make her feel sexy because she knows you’re interested in her. She’ll get in the mood faster and will be dying to give in to her desires.

5) I’m so glad I chose you.

This is a great way to start off some dirty talk because she’s going to be asking what you like so much about her. She might even lead you on by touching her breasts and asking if you like them or taking off a piece of clothing. Knowing you’re happy with her will make her feel wanted and that is something all women love. Where things go from here, whether it’s you talking about her body or her touching herself it will lead to her feeling sexy and wet for you.

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