What to do if your partner catches you on an adult cam site

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Sex PartnerA lot of men don’t tell their sex partner that they like to go on an adult cam site now and again for a little fun. They keep it a secret because they think that their partner will get upset and feel like they’re cheating. The problem with keeping it a secret is that there’s a chance it’ll be found out and if you use cam sites then the day might come when your partner catches you on it. You need to know what to do so that it doesn’t ruin the relationship.

If your partner catches you red handed and there’s no way you can deny being on an adult cam site then the best thing you can do is be honest. Admit what you’ve done and let her say or do what she has to. Chances are she’s going to be upset and the situation will only get worse if you don’t let her get rid of her anger. Don’t try to justify your actions or interrupt her, if she wants to yell at you or give you the silent treatment for a bit then go with it. She’s feeling hurt and upset and needs to show you how she’s feeling.

You need to wait until she’s calm and rational before trying to make things right with her otherwise she’ll feel like you don’t understand how upset she is. Once you’re ready to show her your side of things you can tell her that it’s not cheating and doesn’t take away from your relationship. A lot of women associate love with sex so it’s important for her to know that your only interest in these women is superficial. Explain that there’s no emotional involvement and you only interact with the women on the site for a small period of time. Let her know that you only do it because it gives you a rush of excitement and that you see it as a way of taking some time for yourself. Tell her that it’s normal to be turned on by porn and that cam girls are just an interactive version of porn. You’re watching her while pleasuring yourself and that’s it. Contrary to popular belief women do watch porn and can understand the attraction for it so by equating a cam site to porn you’re making it easier for her to understand that there’s nothing bad about it. Depending on how she reacts you could take things further by suggesting you play on an adult cam site together.

This will make her feel included and give her a chance to see what it’s about. It can help her understand that it’s just a bit of harmless fun and isn’t any worse than watching porn or going to a strip club. If she agrees then set up a private show with a cam girl and make sure it’s on the tame side. You don’t want to put your partner off by using a cam girl that’s too sexual or kink focused. This will give her a gentle introduction to the cam world which will make it easier for her to accept it.

If your partner catches you on a cam site it’s important to do what you can to minimize the damage. Let her deal with it in her own way and do your best to show her that you still love her. If you admit to using an adult cam site it will help her feel like it isn’t something you’re hiding and it may give you the opportunity to show her that’s it’s nothing but harmless fun. Getting caught by your partner doesn’t always have to end badly if you’re careful about how you deal with it.

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