Why you need to give her foreplay

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give a cam girl foreplayAttention all lovers of pussy! Foreplay is not optional. Unfortunately the importance of foreplay is something that is too often overlooked. Most men are ready to go as soon as they have an erection, but woman do not usually have enough vaginal fluid for comfortable intercourse without stimulation. A woman needs to reach a certain level of arousal before she is able to have an orgasm, and foreplay is the best way to get her mind and body emotionally and physically ready for sex. A great way to learn what to do during foreplay, is to watch a cam girl pleasure herself. Watching live cam girls pleasure themselves with their hands and toys can show you what to do to make your partner scream.

When a woman is not aroused, her vaginal depth is only three to four inches. That means that a man can only insert three to four inches of his penis inside before hitting her cervix. When a woman is properly aroused and blood is flowing to her genital area, her clitoris is engorged, her cervix moves out of the way, and her vaginal depth grows to between five and seven inches. That’s right! Foreplay benefits both the woman and the man. And while it is sometimes hard or impossible for a woman to have an orgasm during coitus, the right foreplay can bring her to multiple orgasms.

One titillating activity that can do wonders to arouse both you and your partner, is to watch a cam girl, or any porn. Watching can help you get into the mood, and also give you ideas to spice up your sex life. Are your moves getting stale? Try copying everything they do on the screen and making your partner cum at the same time they do. One of the biggest mistakes a couple can make is letting their sex life become routine and predictable. Watching a live cam show will switch up the monotony.

Foreplay is not only about the penis and vagina. Take the time to explore and appreciate your partners body. Try kissing, licking, nibbling, and stroking her nipples, neck, buttocks, back, and ears. Foreplay also does not only have to be physical, in fact it starts in the mind. Connecting with your partner mentally and emotionally is the first step to great sex. This will increase both your level of comfort and intimacy.

Compliments, teasing, and flirting can get her almost as aroused as touching her body. Tell her how attracted you are to her, and how badly you want to fuck her. This is the perfect time to learn your partners sexual desires. Ask for feedback, and pay attention to their likes and dislikes. Every woman is different, but the same in needing that stimulation. Keep this in mind and you are well on your way to having mind blowing sex.

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