How to know if cam girls fake orgasms

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Fake an orgasm Cam girls are there to perform for you and make you feel like you’ve had a worthwhile experience. Men know that none of it is real but part of them still hopes that her pleasure is genuine. Some cam girls really do get off with their clients but some do a fake orgasm because they just see it as a job. If you pay attention during a cam show then you’ll be able to figure out which girls are truly enjoying it and which ones are faking it.

Listen to the noises she makes as she gets closer to having an orgasm and see if she sounds similar to the way your girlfriend does or if she sounds like an actress in a porno. If she’s faking it then her moans and gasps will sound the same and will happen in a regular way. This is because she’s done this for other clients and is acting out her usual routine. A woman who isn’t trying to have a fake orgasm will be more erratic because she isn’t focused on putting on a show. Her moans will be breathier and random because she’s going along with what her body is doing and she can’t control it.

The way she interacts with you during the lead up to her orgasm can also tell you a lot. If she seems distracted or if she’s trying to slow things down then it could mean she’s faking it. The longer the cam show is the more money she makes so she might try to delay things in order to earn more. She might do things like asking you how good it feels or keeping herself on edge until she thinks you can’t take anymore. When you’re at that point she’ll suddenly have an orgasm and urge you to cum for her.

Orgasms feel amazing but a woman will rarely be too wild when she’s having one. Her body tenses up and it’s hard to breathe so she zones out and gives in to it. When a woman is trying to have a fake orgasm she’ll overact to make it seem more convincing but it just ends up looking like she’s trying too hard. If the cam girl is shaking wildly and letting out loud screams while being focused enough to tell you how good it feels then she’s probably faking it. Since you’re not actually there with her it will be harder for her to get off so compare how she acts with the way your girlfriend acts. If there’s a big difference then there’s a good chance someone’s faking it.

Women are known for being able to have multiple orgasms but pornos give men the idea that they’re easy to have and they happen quickly. The reality is that she’s sensitive after her first orgasm and she’ll need a couple of minutes to relax before she has another one. Some women might have a surprise one quickly after their first one but it will be painful and she’ll probably make a hissing or whimpering noise when it happens. If your cam girl is able to have a couple of orgasms one after the other while telling you how much you turn her on then she’s just acting out a porno fantasy.

Women who have a fake orgasm will overact by being too loud and wild in order to make you believe you’re the best cyber lover they’ve ever had.

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