Household items you can use on yourself during cybersex

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Spicy items with hot girls Not everyone owns sex toys but it is possible to use household items instead until you can buy some. These can make things more exciting when you’re having fun by yourself or having cybersex with hot girls. The items you use will depend on what you’re doing and whether or not you’re in the mood for a little pain.

You need to be safe when using household items for sex play because this isn’t what they’re supposed to be used for and you can give yourself an injury a lot easier than if you were using a real sex toy. Don’t use anything with a sharp edge and if you’re inserting something it’s a good idea to put a condom over it and make sure that it can be easily removed. Stay away from object made out of breakable material like glass or thin plastic.

The kitchen and living room has some useful items you can use such as ice cubes and candles. You can use the ice cubes for sensation play and rub them over your sensitive areas. Candles can be used for wax play by dripping the melting wax on your body or you can use an unlit candle for ass play by inserting the end of it. Clothes pins can be used on your nipples, dick or balls to increase pain. It could be a kinky idea to see how many you can put on and then see how long you can tolerate the pain. Rubber bands can be used on your dick and balls by tying them around them or by snapping the rubber bands to add pain. It’s best to use ones that are thicker so they’re easier to take off and you shouldn’t leave them on for an extended period of time because it will cut off the blood flow.

The bedroom and bathroom also have items you can use on yourself during cybersex. Vibrating items can add a pleasurable sensation so see if you have an electric toothbrush or cell phone that you can use. These can be rubbed slowly against your most sensitive areas like your nipples, dick or balls. A hairbrush can be used for ass play as well if you insert the handle or you can use the flat side of the hairbrush as a paddle and give yourself a spanking. If you have a partner then there’s a good chance she has some pantyhose in her dresser. You can use a pair of them to jerk off with or to rub over your body. You could also use a dirty pair of them to smell if you’re into that type of thing. A tie can be used for self bondage or for rubbing over your body because the silky sensation will feel good. Mint toothpaste can add a painful burning if you use it on the head of your dick but you need to make sure you don’t use too much or have any go into your slit.

If you’re in the mood for a fun night with horny girls and you want to change things up a bit then think about using a couple of household items during sex. Check out the different rooms in your house and see if you have any clothing pins, hairbrushes, electric toothbrushes or rubber bands lying around. These can easily be made into homemade sex toys that you can use during cybersex to take things to a new level.

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