Your girlfriend is a cam model. What to do?

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Cam girls Cam girls date too but because of the type of job they have it can be difficult finding a boyfriend who is understanding. They might hide their job until they feel confident that the relationship will last but when he does find out then it can cause problems. You might deal with it in the wrong way and there can be communication problems that can be difficult to move past.

Before you do anything you need to take some time by yourself to think things through. Your first reaction was probably shock and anger because you felt like she was cheating on you with lots of other men. That isn’t what happened though and you need to get past that because camming is just a job. Remember that she doesn’t actually know her clients and there are no real feelings between them.

When you feel ready you need to sit down and talk to your girlfriend so the two of you can deal with any communication problems that have come up. Ask her why she’s doing it and if it makes her happy because you need to know if she’s doing it because she has to or because she likes it. Listen to what she has to say and keep your emotions under control. If it’s a job she enjoys and wants to keep doing then tell her how it makes you feel so she understands where you’re coming from. Don’t ask her to quit or to choose between you and her job because that’s forcing her into making a decision and she’ll resent you for it. Instead see if the two of you can find a compromise that works or wait for her to bring up the idea of finding a new job.

To help you better understand what webcam models do during a show it’s a good idea to watch your girlfriend work one night. She might be nervous about this so tell her that you’ll stay out of view and that you won’t say or do anything that will distract her. Let her know that you just want to see what it’s like and ask her to do the show like she usually does. Don’t judge her for the things that she does and if something bothers you then talk to her about it afterwards. See if you would feel better about her being a cam girl if there were some boundaries about what she does during a show and if she’s willing to change the activities that she does.

Couples do cam shows too so think about whether that’s something you’d be interested in trying. This could be a way for you to make this something that you do as a couple and you won’t feel so left out. Your girlfriend would also see that you’re accepting of having a camming career and that you want to make it a normal part of life instead of a job that she has to keep secret.

Talk to your girlfriend so you have a better understanding of her job and why she does it. This can help you deal with your emotions and you could also watch her perform a cam show so you can see that there are no real emotions between her and her clients. Don’t try to ignore what she does for a living because that will make things worse. Instead accept her for who she is and come to terms with the fact that what she wants to do for a living might not be what you want her to do.

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