How to get more viewers as a cam model

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Webmcam girl in bongacamsThere’s a lot of competition to deal with when you’re a cam model on popular sites like bongacams and myfree cams because of how many women are on there. If you want to be one of the successful ones then you need to know what you can do to get more viewers.

Men want to feel close to the cam girl they’re watching so be interactive with them. Use your microphone and talk to your viewers so they can hear your sexy voice. Stay focused so they feel like you’re talking right to them but keep what you say generic so you don’t accidentally say the wrong thing like calling a viewer by the wrong name. Keep things fun and try to get viewers wanting a private show as quickly as possible because this will decrease your chances of boring them.

Even though being a cam model is a job you should act like you’re doing it for fun because viewers want hot women who love sex. They want to feel like all you want is them and that you would do anything for them. Don’t be one of those cam girls who beg for tips because this makes viewers feel like you’re just using them for money and that you’ll do the bare minimum to get it. Instead you need to give the best performance you can and if you get a tip remember to thank them. This will make your client feel like you appreciate them and they’ll feel more positive towards you which could lead to even more tips.

You need to cater to as many desires as you can so you’ll get more people interested in you. This doesn’t mean listing every kink you can on your profile, it means choosing an area and specializing in it. You can choose BDSM and play a dominatrix who punishes boys in all sorts of ways or you could be the girl next door who likes older men and who has fun with age based role-plays like teacher/student or dad/babysitter. You also need to make your shows entertaining by using different outfits to make each performance feel unique and sex toys are also a necessity because men love seeing women using them on themselves.

Promoting yourself and showing viewers what they’re missing out on is a great way to have them wanting you. Cam sites like chaturbate and myfree cams allow their cam models to upload photos and video clips to entice viewers. Take advantage of this and upload your sexiest photos and clips so they’ll be interested in seeing more of you. Usually you’ll be able to sell things to your fans so make sure you have lots of treats for them to buy. You need to sell yourself because you’re the product and viewers won’t give you any attention if they think you’re not worth their time.

You need to connect with your viewers on a personal level and always be in the mood to perform. Show them that you love the attention that they give you and that all you want to do is bring their fantasies to life. Present yourself as the girl that they all want a private show with and that you’re the best there is. By doing that you’ll get lots of viewers and most of them will become regulars if you give them what they want.

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