How to find a couple for you and your partner to play with

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Threesome SexWhen you and your partner are in the mood to have a bit more excitement in the bedroom you might consider having threesome sex. If you don’t feel like sharing one person then think about finding a couple to play with so both of you have someone you can pay attention to. It’s easy to bring someone new into your sex life without the risk of meeting a stranger and you don’t even have to leave your bed if you find them on a cam site.

Couple sex is a lot easier when you and your partner are on the same page about it so share your fantasies with each other. Use these fantasies to get a mental image of your dream girl or couple then find a cam site to use. It doesn’t matter which one you pick as long as it’s a reputable site with lots of models to choose from. Use a cam site that has couples working on them as well as single women so you can look for threesome sex and couple sex at the same time. Both you and your partner need to be attracted to the cam girl or the couple so look for them together. Going on cam together will also show people that you’re serious and ready to play so don’t look for someone by yourself.

Take a look at a few different profiles until you find one or two that you’d like to do a private show with then talk to your partner about which one they prefer. A lot of profiles will have pictures or video clips posted so look at them together and play with each other as you imagine this person joining you. If the pictures or videos are enough to get your heart racing then it’s safe to say they’re who you should choose. Once that’s been decided go into the cam girl’s or cam couple’s public room and see if they’re what you’re looking for personality wise. You want a cam girl or a couple who are eager and horny so stay away from anyone who looks bored or tired. Their personality will give you an idea of whether they’ll be able to give you a good show tonight. While you’re in the public room you can start getting your partner turned on by giving them little touches while telling the cam girl what you’re looking for. Once everyone is in the mood and eager to get started you can take things into a private room and start the show. Women usually feel a bit shy or nervous at the beginning so put her at ease by encouraging her to talk to the cam girl or couple.

While she’s asking them to touch themselves you can get her more into it by kissing or touching her. When she’s lost in the moment then you can become part of the action and start playing with the person you’ve chosen. You’ll soon find yourself getting caught up in the moment and the nervousness you felt earlier will be gone as excitement fills you.

Make a threesome with your couple is a great way to take your relationship to another level and it’s something that is easily done. Instead of spending the night having boring sex like you usually try going online with your partner and finding either a sexy cam girl or horny couple to play with. You could have hours of fun with your partner and feel the spark coming back into the bedroom.

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