Exploring orgasm control and edging online

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Sexy FeetA lot of men lack self-control when it comes to sex and will often fail if they’re left to try orgasm control on their own. The temptation to go all the way is strong so it’s better if they practice orgasm control and edging with someone else. Not everyone has a woman in their life who will help them with this but they can go online and find a beautiful woman with sexy feet to help them learn about orgasm control or give them a ruined orgasm.

The type of woman you choose to do this with is important because she needs to know just how to keep you on edge. She also needs to be attractive and strong; the more alluring she is the more likely you are to obey her. Women with a dominant edge are perfect for this and a lot of them cater to men who are looking to explore orgasm control. You can find a woman to play with on either an adult dating site or a cam site. When you find a woman you want to play with tell her what you want and be serious about giving her control of your orgasm. She’ll watch and maybe play along as she encourages you to jerk off for her.

You’ll get more turned on and soon you’ll be moaning and looking forward to cumming. That isn’t the point though, instead you’ll be trying to keep jerking off for as long as possible. When you’re on the verge of losing control she will keep you there by slowing things down and gently taking your attention elsewhere. She may tease you by making you watch her touch herself because it’ll drive you crazy seeing her pleasure herself while you’re forced to wait or she may show off her sexy feet or breasts. When you’re desperate to orgasm she might make you beg before she lets you start jerking off again and she’ll encourage you until you’re about orgasm then once more make you wait. The frustration will be stronger this time because you’ll need it bad and physically it’ll be harder to control. You need to try though because you’ve given control of your orgasm to her. Listen and watch her, she’ll know when it’s time to push you over the edge. The idea is to let the feeling build until it reaches it’s strongest point, when you’re in a highly aroused and almost overwhelmed state.

When it’s time to finally let go she may be nice and let you orgasm which will end with you cumming hard or she may give you a ruined orgasm which won’t satisfy you or she might deny you an orgasm and make you spend the rest of the night with blue balls. Whatever she decides you must accept it and don’t jerk off once you’ve stopped playing with her. You might not like this at first but you’ll soon get used to it and will look forward to pushing yourself further and further.

Exploring orgasm control is a great way to learn how to prolong your level of sexual arousal and have stronger orgasms but you’ll need to do this with someone who can push you to your limits. Find a strong, sexy woman to give control to and she’ll soon have you on edge for hours of enjoyment.

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