How to be a cam model and not expose your identity

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Cam Models identity Being a cam model is a great job for women who are outgoing, sexy and always up for some fun but there are some dangers involved. Cam models need to be able to keep their job separate from their everyday life and to make sure that none of their clients find out about their real identity. It might seem like an impossible thing to do but it can be done if you just think things through and make sure you do things the right way.

The first thing you need to do is change things that can be used to easily identify you. You want your online persona to be someone new so create her piece by piece. Start with your cam model name and choose something that is completely different from your real name. Before performing online film yourself alone and pretending to give a show then watch it for any details that might give your identity away. Do you have any tics such as a certain phrase that you like using or do you have a distinctive accent? If so, change things up and find a way to perform that’s different from your natural personality.

The way you look is a big part of your identity so this is where the most work needs to be done. If you have any tattoos then it’s a good idea to cover them up with makeup because they can be quite distinctive and someone you know may recognize it. You can also use makeup and a wig to change your look up in a non-permanent way. Choose a wig that’s the opposite of your natural color and use a makeup style that’s not one you use in your everyday life. Experiment until you find a look that makes you feel sexy and mysterious.

You also need to do what you can to stop people that you see on a regular basis from accidentally finding you online. A lot of cam sites allow their models to block users from certain areas so before starting your career you need to make sure you block the area you live in and any other area you’re worried about. It’s also a good idea to avoid talking about anything that’s local to you, such as an event that’s happening near you or a club that you like to go to. Keep things vague and never give specifics about anything.

A lot of cammodels have different ways for their clients to get in touch with them such as Twitter accounts, email addresses and wish lists. Use your online name for everything and make sure that nothing traces back to your real name. Avoid using PayPal and use a P.O. Box for wish list items. Never talk to your clients off the cam site and don’t let any of them talk you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. If one of your regular clients want to send you something special you need to stay professional and make sure contact stays distant between the two of you.

Cam girls need to be smart about safety though so if you’re thinking about being a cam model make sure your online persona is someone different to who you really are, change your appearance for performances and never tell anyone personal information about yourself.

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