7 sexual things you shouldn´t ask to a webcam girl to do

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men using sexcamsMen are full of kinky sex ideas and they tend to use sexcams to act them out because they know the women on there won’t judge them and are always in the mood for sex. You might feel like anything goes when it comes to sex cams because it’s online and doesn’t feel as real as if you were doing it in person but there are some things you should never ask a cam girl to do.

1) Anything illegal

Never ask a cam girl to do something illegal because she might report it to the site owners. Depending on how severe the sexual thing is they might be required by law to report it and this could get you into some trouble because they’ll have your contact information since you used your credit card and other information to sign up to the site.

2) Anything that could leave permanent marks

A cam girl doesn’t want anyone in her everyday life to know what she does for a living and she won’t like it if you ask her to do anything that will leave her with permanent marks. Avoid asking her to do things like cut herself with knives, spank herself excessively or whip herself. These can leave bruises, cuts or even scars and her boyfriend will want to know how she got them.

3) Talk about sex with her boyfriend

Cam girls like to keep their personal lives separate from their professional lives so don’t ask her about her boyfriend or the things that she likes to do with him. Some guys like hearing all the kinky things she’s into so ask her about them but stay away from asking her about specific people. Instead ask her what she wants you to do to her or what her wildest fantasy is.

4) Playing with candles

Candles can be fun to play with but you need to be safe around them. It’s best to only play with these in person in case something goes wrong because it’s easy for her to burn herself. Wax needs to be poured from a certain distance so that it cools before touching the skin and she’s unlikely to be able to hold it that far herself. It would also be easy for her to accidentally knock the candle over while she’s distracted playing with you.

5) Using non-sex toys

Some household items can be used as sex toys but some can’t so make sure you know which ones are which before asking her to do something. That glass bottle might be a good to shape to insert but it can be easily broken and cut her since it’s not a thick glass. Stick to using sex toys or items that can’t do too much damage like a hairbrush.

6) To cut off blood circulation for too long

This is more for those who have kinky sex ideas like breast bondage or playing with nipple clamps. You can only cut the circulation off for so long before you do damage so make sure that you know how long to make her keep the rope or clamps on for. If she wants to stop then don’t encourage her to keep going because she knows how it feels.

7) Watching her with someone unaware

Some cam girls do shows with their boyfriend or girlfriend but they know that you’re watching them. If the cam girl you’re playing with has someone like that but who isn’t into camming then don’t ask her for a show where the other person doesn’t know they’re being watched by you. You might think it’s hot seeing them have sex without knowing what’s going on but it shows the cam girl that you don’t care about other people and it’s disrespecting someone she knows.

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