5 Types of girls who are webcam models

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Shy webcam girl Webcam sites have a variety of women who work on them and it’s a job that appeals to different personality types. Women from the shy girl who’s trying to be more adventurous to the jealous girlfriend type can find an audience they to perform for. Cam models offer unique shows but as far as types go they can mostly be placed into five categories.

1) The Shy Girl

She gets to live out her fantasies without feeling awkward or embarrassed by trying to act sexy and adventurous in front of someone she knows. This is how she can explore her sexuality in a safe way. She does a convincing performance of the sweet girl next door and you can tell she’s still getting used to be an exhibitionist.

2) The Professional

These women see camming as a career and they stay focused on making money. They have a schedule of when their shows are and use Twitter or other sites to promote themselves. They usually focus on one or two specialties and become known for it. They get right down to business and try to get a private show as quick as possible because they want to do as many of these as they can. They always give a good show and try to build up a steady list of regulars. It’s a job to them and they don’t get emotionally involved.

3) The Kinky Girl

This type of cam model does it for fun because she genuinely loves anything to do with sex. She won’t be afraid to dabble in kink and loves trying new things. She’ll use sex toys and outfits during her shows to give the experience more creativity. She’ll have lots of kinks listed on her profile and is always enthusiastic when talking to her viewers. She will do niche shows and will offer things that other girls on the site won’t. This is her way of expressing herself and pushing boundaries.

4) The Princess

She’s the girl who’s bratty and loves men worshiping her. She acts like a spoiled princess and expects men to tip her well and often. She’s usually in her late teens to late 20’s and wears lots of makeup and girly outfits. She knows she’s sexy and isn’t afraid to tell her viewers that they’re lucky to be spending time with her. Men like her sassy attitude and she enjoys playfully mocking them by saying things like they can’t get enough of her and that they’re dirty boys for watching her. She’ll spend lots of time teasing viewers and getting them worked up before giving them what they want.

5) The Attention Seeker

This type of person loves being the center of attention and the appeal in camming for her is having lots of strangers wanting her. She will do whatever it takes to get as many viewers as she can and will do things like contests to get people in her room. She gets jealous when her regular viewers use another cam model and will find new ways of getting even more viewers. She wants to be the most popular girl on the site and will spend hours doing shows because it gives her a rush.

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