5 Sexual things to ask a cam girl to do

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Private shows on cam sites are the perfect place to live out your dirtiest fantasies with wet girls. Here are five sexy things you should think about asking a cam girl to do if you want to have a really good time.

1) Use toys on herself
Nearly every cam girl will have at least one sex toy to use during a show and the naughtier ones that specialize in fetishes will likely have quite a few for you to choose from. Find a cam girl that has a variety of toys and have her use them during your private shows with her. A lot of sex toys can be used in different ways so make her suck that vibrator before she fucks herself with it or have her paddle her breasts and pussy to give her a taste of pain. A fun thing to do would be to torture her by making her keep her vibrator pressed on her clit for an extended period of time to see how many times you can make her orgasm.

2) Make her your sex slave
Asking a sex cam girl to be your sex slave is a lot easier than asking your partner because she’s there to please you. Use this opportunity to explore total control over a sexy woman and make her your little sex slave. Tell her what to do and have her obey everything you say. You can ask her to do things you’d never be able to ask anyone else and you won’t have to worry about her judging you because she’ll want to do it for you. Watch as you make her spank herself, beg for your cock, torture her nipples or whatever else you can come up with.

3) Have her piss herself
Horny girls are very popular among men and asking a cam girl to piss herself for you won’t be a strange request during private shows. Tell her at the beginning of the show what you want and have her drink lots of water so she’ll get more desperate to pee while you play with her. Make her touch herself as she starts squirming around and listen to her beg permission to let go. When you’re ready let her piss her panties and watch it run down her legs.

4) Have her role-play a virgin
Virgins are fun to play with because you can teach them all about sex and what feels good. Have your cam girl role-play being a virgin and you can be the strong, sexy older man who helps her become a woman. Find a cam girl who is going for the young, innocent girl-next-door look so that it’ll be more realistic and tell her to act shy but curious about sex. Make her touch herself and ask her how it feels and if she wants to keep going. She’ll say “Yes.” and you can lead her through getting naked all the way to bringing herself to orgasm.

5) Have her talk really dirty
Talking dirty is something that makes a lot of women feel uncomfortable because it isn’t lady like and they feel embarrassed saying filthy things. With cam girls you can have all the dirty talk you want because they love it nasty so don’t be afraid to tell her how naughty to get. This is your chance to see sexy women say the nastiest things while touching themselves and that is something you’re unlikely to get with your

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