5 hottest role playing ideas using adult cam sites

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role playing sex
Role playing sex can be lots of fun if you can find the right person to do it with but not everyone has a partner who is into it. You don’t have to keep your fantasies to yourself and can use adult cam sites to act out your dirty desires with sexy, eager women. Some role plays require you to be physically in the same room as your partner but some role plays can just as easily be done online.

1) The Teacher/ The College Girl
This is a classic role play because it’s sexy and borderline taboo. This could be played in a few different ways: you could be an older man having fun with a young college girl who’s attracted to mature men or a teacher making a misbehaving student earn a higher grade. There are a lot of real college girls on cam sites who would love to be your naughty student so think about what kind of girl you want then act it out.

2) The Priest/ The Sinner
There’s nothing hotter than hearing all the dirty things a cute girl has done. Be the priest that a cam girl confesses to, make her tell you in detail all the things she’s done while you pleasure yourself. Make sure she not only tells you what she’s done but also how it made her felt. When you’re close to the edge make her beg for forgiveness then decide if she gets it or not. If she does then give her a fun penance like fingering herself with two fingers until she orgasms. If she doesn’t then make her finger herself up until the point of cumming then make her stop before telling her to start again. Keep her on edge until she’s dying to orgasm.

3) The Master of the House / The Maid
When you do something bad you need to be punished and that’s a lesson everyone needs to learn. you’re the Master of the house and you’ve just found out that your maid has been stealing from you. Punish her by making her abuse herself by either using toys that she has or by using objects nearby such as a hairbrush or ruler.

4) The Bitch/ The Dominatrix
Giving control to a woman is a role reversal that’s scary but also exciting. Find a strict and sexy cam girl to give complete control to and tell her how you crave to be put in your place. Do whatever she says while staying in character. If she wants to be addressed as Mistress then call her that, if she decides when you get to cum then keep control of yourself. You want to make it as realistic as possible so don’t hesitate just because it’s something new for you.

5) The Playboy/The Virgin
It can be a lot of fun teaching a sweet, innocent virgin about sex so find a cam girl that has a girl-next-door look going on and have a private show with her. Have her be fully clothed and make her admit to being a virgin that needs to learn about sex. Be confident and take her through all the steps before showing her how great an orgasm can be. Make her undress then touch herself, give her instructions and tell her what you want her to do. She trusts you and will touch her body while imagining it’s you.

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