10 Things you always wanted to know about cam girls

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Webcam girls secrets Most people know cam girls perform shows for men online and that they do this for a living but there are some things they don’t know. They wonder what do they do when they have their period or do they worry about being caught by family and friends but there’s a simple answer for everything.

1) Dealing with their period

Every month cam girls deal with their menstruation and it can make doing shows difficult because they’re not feeling well and can’t get completely naked. Most of them will take a few days off or they’ll do shows but keep their panties on.

2) Being caught by family

Cam girls lower this chances of getting caught by people they know by using security features on the site. They can block users from their city or state so no one that lives nearby will accidentally see their profile. They also lie about what they do for a living.

3) Why they do this for a living

There are two types of cam girls: those that do it for the money and those that enjoy performing. The ones that do it for money see it as a fun and easy job that they can do from home. Some girls however do it because it makes them feel sexy and they get a rush out of being naughty in front of strangers.

4) How much they make

The ones who don’t make an effort won’t be successful and will make the same amount of money someone would at a minimum wage job. The ones who take it seriously and always give a good performance can build a regular client base which allows them to make an unlimited amount of money with shows, tips and selling clips.

5) How long they work

A cam girl is her own boss and sets the number of hours she works. The amount that she chooses depends on if she’s in school, has another job or is a full-time cam girl. They may work only 10 hours a week or more than 25 hours a week.

6) Dealing with bad clients

Dealing with bad clients is a common problem and the girls need to deal with it themselves. They will tell the client that they’re not okay with their behavior and ask them to stop. If they don’t then they’ll end the cam show and not perform for them again.

7) Their dating life

Most cam girls keep their job a secret from their boyfriend because they don’t want to be judged or end up single. Rarely will they tell their boyfriend what they do and some might avoid dating because they feel burned out after performing for men all the time.

8) Their real career

For most cam girls this is a part-time job and they will have a normal job that they go to during the day. This helps them hide their life as a cam girl from people and provide them with a steady income.

9) How they got started

Sex work is known for being profitable if you do it right and there’s lots of resources online that show women how they can be successful at it. Most get started by joining a cam site they find online and trying it out for a few weeks to see if it’s the right job for them.

10) How kinky it gets

Cam girls get all sorts of weird and kinky requests and eventually it gets to a point where nothing shocks them because they get used to it. Each girl has her own limits but some like to cater to BDSM desires while others will play the girl next door.

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